Konferenser och föredrag

Organiserandet av internationella konferenser och föredrag utgör en viktig del av Finlands Athen-instituts vetenskapliga verksamhet. En del av konferensernas föredrag har publicerats i institutets publikationsserie. Bland föredrag som organiseras av institutet kan speciellt nämnas den årligen organiserade Johannes Sundwall –föreläsningen samt den sedan 2005 i samarbete med Nederländernas och Kanadas Athen-institut organiserade seminarieserien Archaeological Survey Meetings, som består av 4-6 föredrag per år.
Internationella konferenser organiserade av Finlands Athen-institut (delvis i samarbete med andra instanser)
Ancient Medicine 4. - 10.10.1986
Ancient Technology 30.3. - 4.4.1987
Roman Onomastics 17.9.1990
National Themes in Greek and Finnish Music 4. - 5.5.1992
Roman Onomastics in the Greek-speaking Provinces: Social and Political Aspects 7. - 9.9.1993
Athens in the Sixth Century AD 18. - 19.5.1994
The Pnyx in the History of Athens 7. - 9.10.1994
Greek and Roman Religions According to the Church Fathers 17. - 18.5.1995
The Writing Woman: Ritual and Religious
21. - 22.5.1997
Recent Research in Arcadia 27. - 28.1.1998
The Greek East in the Roman Context 21. - 22.5.1999
Scribes, Language and Textual Tradition 25.1.2001
The Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Antiquity
and Early Byzantine Periods
Thesprotian Colloquium 12. - 13.5.2006
Experience of Empire - Responses
from the Provinces
19. - 21.6.2006
Langnet seminar 1. - 4.10.2008
International workshop - Defining and Interpreting Ancient Greek Cult Deposits 24. - 27.10.2008
Colloquium - Life is a (Greek) Tragedy II 9. - 10.2.2009
Colloquium - Styles of Political Theorizing: Exploring Concepts and Rhetorical Practices in History 19. - 20.2.2009
Colloquium - Variation and Change in Greek and Latin. Problems and Methods 17. - 20.9.2009
International Conference - The Ottoman Past in the Balkan Present: Music and Mediation 30.9. - 2.10.2010
Archaeological Survey Meetings
Yannis Lolos (University of Thessaly), The Sikyon Project: the challenges of an intensive urban survey. 1.12.2005
Nikolaos Efstratiou (Aristoteleio Univeristy of Thessaloniki), Exploring two contrasting landscapes in Greece: lowland Thrace and highland Grevena. 20.2.2006
David Pettegrew (Ohio State University), The new breed of hyper-intensive survey: a case study from the Eastern Korinthia. 10.5.2006
Gert Jan van Wijngaarden (Netherlands institute in Athens), The Zakynthos Archaeology Project.  23.10.2006
Georgia Kokkorou-Alevras (University of Athens) and Konstantinos Kopanias (German Archaeological Institute), Επιφανειακή Έρευνα στον Αρχαίο Δήμο των Αλασαρνιτών (σύγχρ. Καρδάμαινα) στην Κω. 27.11.2006
John Bintlif (Leiden University), Regional Field Survey in Greece – A Short History and a Review of its Strengths and Weaknesses for Writing History. 25.1.2007
Kostas Sbonias (Ionian University), Surveying in a Mountainous Landscape. Vrysinas on Western Crete as a Case Study. 13.2.2007
Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University), The Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey:
A Low-Impact, Long-Term Experience in Archaeological Investigation.
Johannes Sundwall -föreläsningar
Jack L. Davis (University of Cincinnati), Remembering and Forgetting Nestor: Pylian Pasts Pluperfect? 8.11.2006
Robin Osborne (University of Cambridge), How the Gauls Broke the Frame: A Hellenistic Revolution in Theology on the Athenian Acropolis. 30.11.2007
Lorna Hardwick (Open University), Ancient and Modern Societies in Dialogue: the Role of Greek Drama. 19.11.2009
Cynthia W. Shelmerdine (University of Texas at Austin), Mycenaean Scribes and Literacy. 18.11.2010
Mark Janse (Ghent University), The Cappadocians and their Languages, 1911 BC - AD 2011. 15.11.2011
Prof. Joseph Maran (University of Heidelberg), Gods and Rulers in Mycenean Citadels: a Very Special Relationship 14.11.2013
Prof. A. Bernard Knapp, Bronze Age Trade in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean: The Case of Maritime Transport Containers 6.11.2014