Home Away From Home Photography Show

18.4.2013 - 26.4.2013

Photographic Show
Finnish Institute at Athens
April 18 opening at 7:30pm till 10:00pm with opening ceremonies at 8:30pm. The show will remain up until the 26th of April.

“Connections” is a photographic collaboration examining the similarities and differences of a global culture as well as the daily lives of the photographer’s environment. This show is a collaboration between photographers from Finland, Canada, and the USA. The collection of photographs will be broken into two parts:

Home Away From Home

This collection of photographs will examine how several temporary expat artists see the world around them. In this series each artists was asked to contribute several photos of their homeland. These photos establish an idea of where these people have come from, and what inspired their creative eye at home. The artists were also asked to contribute a series of photos of things around Greece that remind them of home. These photos examine how the world, no matter how far from home, can always give you some comfort.

The Arctic Connection

When we look at how many of us are similar, we found that we had a connection to each other’s homeland. We talked about parts of our homeland and we realized that our environments shared a great deal of similarities, one of which is our connection to the Arctic. This northern lifestyle is about understanding that living in the north is a life of extreme weather, beautiful nature, and large spaces. This is what living with the Arctic in our backyards is all about.

The goal of these two collections to examine how we look at our own homes, as well as how we look at others. It's a showcase of the similarities and differences that we have as people. Most importantly it's about making connections, people showing a piece of their lives, and people looking into the lives of others no matter where you are right now.

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