Άλλες δραστηριότητες


07.06.2017 Film Screening
25.05.2017 Keskustelutilaisuus Helsingissä
22.05.2017 - 23.05.2017 Colloquium (in Helsinki)
19.05.2017 Göran Schildt 100 Years - Lectures and Opening of an Exhibition
18.05.2017 Annual Open Meeting
02.05.2017 Lecture: "New Light on Geometric Athens: the Evidence from the Academy of Plato" by Alexandra Alexandridou
27.04.2017 Video Screening by Tero Puha, Visual Artist
28.03.2017 Lecture: ”Teichos Dymaion. Gateway Harbour, Fortress. 5500 Years of History at the Edge of Western Achaea” by Michalis Gazis
22.03.2017 - 23.04.2017 Haku "Antiikin Kreikan johdantokurssille" 4.9.-4.10.2017
07.03.2017 Lecture: ”Roman Citizens in Greek Sources: Social Standing and Variation in Name Formulas (Late Hellenistic and Early Imperial Periods)” by Urpo Kantola
15.02.2017 Lecture and opening of an art exhibition by Annika Brandt
14.02.2017 - 28.02.2017 CIMO-harjoittelijaksi instituuttiin (haku käynnissä)
02.02.2017 Lecture: "Town-Planning in the Peloponnese: New Evidence from Remote Sensing and Geophysical Surveys at Elis, Heraia and Mantineia" by Jamieson C. Donati
14.01.2017 - 17.01.2017 Conference: Aristotle - Timeless and Scientifically Timely
12.01.2017 - 10.02.2017 Johtajaksi Suomen Ateenan-instituuttiin (haku käynnissä)
13.12.2016 Lecture: "The Semicircular Artillery Battery of Gitana in Thesprotia" by Mikko Suha
24.11.2016 The ninth Johannes Sundwall lecture "Demokrates the democrat?" by Dr. Stephen Lambert
15.11.2016 Lecture: "Brauron in prehistory" by Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos
25.10.2016 Lecture: "Objects, religion, and conflicts - interacting with the divine in ancient Sparta" by Helena Meskanen
20.10.2016 - 21.10.2016 Conference: "The Greek Apologists of the Second Century"
30.09.2016 Humanistien varaslähtö Säätiöpäivään
15.09.2016 - 29.09.2016 CIMO-harjoittelupaikan haku auki keväälle 2017!
06.09.2016 Lecture: "Documenta et Monumenta, Memoria ac Litterae: Living with a Living Past in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome" by Dr. Kaj Sandberg
24.05.2016 Lecture: "Life of Skepticism – Ancient Skeptics and Descartes" by Jan Forsman
17.05.2016 Lecture: "Humanising Animals and Animalising Humans: Pig Stele of Edessa" by Dr. Tua Korhonen
06.05.2016 Lecture: "How Karelian Orthodox Churches Were Interpreted as Byzantine?" by Dr. Renja Suominen-Kokkonen.
21.04.2016 Annual Open Meeting
18.04.2016 Lecture: "New Research on the Temple of Apollo Ismenios at Thebes, Boeotia: Fourth Century Doric Design - Part I" by Dr. David Scahill
15.04.2016 Kirjanjulkistaminen ja paneelikeskustelu: Uskonto, kultti, rituaali ja menneisyyden esinemaailma
24.03.2016 Lecture "Theatrical gestures and poses of characters in the fourth-century-BC vase-paintings" by Dr. Vesa Vahtikari
22.03.2016 - 20.04.2016 Haku antiikin Kreikan johdantokurssille
26.02.2016 Διάλεξη του Δρ. Κωνσταντίνου Σουέρεφ με τίτλο “Δύο ελληνιστικές ακροπόλεις στο Λεκανοπέδιο Ιωαννίνων”
09.02.2016 - 23.02.2016 CIMO-haku auki! Hae Suomen Ateenan-instituuttiin harjoittelijaksi syksyksi 2016.
04.02.2016 Lecture "In Pursuit of Ancient Statues in Finland" by Dr. Leena Pietilä-Castrén
03.02.2016 - 09.02.2016 Haussa kaksi opiskelijaa kenttätyöprojektiin Sisilian Naksoksessa 29.2. - 17.3.2016
11.01.2016 - 26.02.2016 Klassillisen arkeologian syventävien opintojen kurssi
15.12.2015 Lecture "Women and social projection in Late Hellenistic and Imperial Athens. The evidence of the grave reliefs" by Dr. Anna Vasiliki Karapanagiotou
02.12.2015 - 07.12.2015 ΕΣΩ ΤΟΠΙA – Photo exhibition by Milka Alanen
20.11.2015 - 21.11.2015 Empires of Peace
12.11.2015 Chamber music concert celebrating the 150th anniversary of Sibelius's birth
11.11.2015 Echoes from The Kalevala in Jean Sibelius's Music: Lecture by Dr Reima Raijas
05.11.2015 The eighth Johannes Sundwall lecture "The Sculpture from the Sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios in Sparta" by Prof. Olga Palagia
29.10.2015 - 30.10.2015 Symposion in Helsinki: Gestures and performances in ancient and medieval Greek art and literature
26.10.2015 - 06.11.2015 Timeless Tragedy
22.10.2015 Lecture "Cults in the Area of Academy at Athens from the Archaic Period onwards" by Timo Sironen (University of Oulu)
28.05.2015 Lecture "Eero Saarinen's terminal building at the old Athens airport" by Timo Tuomi
22.05.2015 FIA Colloquium held at SIA
21.05.2015 Annual Open Meeting
15.05.2015 Lecture "Deliberation and Decision in Aristotle's Theory of Action" by Jan-Ivar Lindén
30.04.2015 Lecture "Maritime Geophysical Survey of the Ancient and Medieval Harbour of Kyllene" by George Papatheodorou and Maria Geraga
17.03.2015 Kirjanjulkistus ja paneelikeskustelu Helsingissä
10.03.2015 Jari Pakkasen luento Helsingissä
06.03.2015 Lecture ‘Kyllene Harbour Project 2007–2013’ by J. Pakkanen, D. Evangelistis & K. Baika in a colloquium 'Dives into the Past: Underwater Archaeological Research 1976-2014'
06.03.2015 - 01.04.2015 Haku antiikin Kreikan johdantokurssille
23.02.2015 CIMO-haku auki! Hae Suomen Ateenan-instituuttiin harjoittelijaksi syksyksi 2015. Haku päättyy 23.2.
18.02.2015 Lecture "Medieval Calendars as Carriers of Cultural Influence - Towards Computerised Methods of Interpreting Calendars" by Tuomas Heikkilä, director of The Finnish Institute in Rome
04.02.2015 Book launch of Tragedy Performances Outside Athens in the Late Fifth and the Fourth Centuries BC by Vesa Vahtikari
29.01.2015 In Rome (Villa Lante) lecture at 6pm by Jari Pakkanen (Finnish Institute at Athens) and Maria Costanza Lentini (Parco archeologico di Naxos): La rifondazione di Naxos di Sicilia e il piano modulare a griglia. Ricerche 2012-2014
15.01.2015 Lecture by Erkki Sironen: Early Byzantine Inscriptions from Corinthia
15.12.2014 Lectures The Greek Legacy of Political Thought in the Ottoman World by Vasileos Syros and Rum Communities in the late Ottoman imperial space: a reconsideration by Ayşe Ozil
10.12.2014 Finnish writer Salla Simukka at Athens
12.11.2014 Johanna Vuoksenmaa's film: 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage
11.11.2014 The finnish writer Matti Rönkä at Free Thinking Zone
06.11.2014 Seventh Johannes Sundwall lecture Bronze Age Trade in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean: The Case of Maritime Transport Containers by Prof. A Bernard Knapp
02.10.2014 Opening of Sinikka Hurskainen's painting exhibition
23.05.2014 - 24.05.2014 Workshop: Greek Building Projects
22.05.2014 Annual Open Meeting
28.04.2014 Book Launch at the BSA
20.03.2014 Lecure by Heikki S. Vuorinen: Waterborne health risks and sanitation during antiquity
27.02.2014 Consert: collaboration with Basil and Marina Theocharatis Foundation.
24.02.2014 Jari Pakkasen luentotilaisuus Turun yliopistolla
21.02.2014 Movie night: Rölli and the Golden Key. The director Taavi Vartiainen will present the film.
06.02.2014 Stones and voices: dialogue form in Greek verse inscriptions. A Lecture by Saara Kauppinen (Assistant Director, FIA).
23.01.2014 Ottoman Intimacies, Balkan Musical Realities -kirjan julkistamistilaisuus Helsingissä
16.01.2014 Book launch of Ottoman Intimacies, Balkan Musical Realities (ed. by Risto Pekka Pennanen, Panagiotis C. Poulos and Aspasia Theodosiou).
29.11.2013 Book launch of Classical Greek Architectural Design: A Quantitative Approach (by Jari Pakkanen).
14.11.2013 The sixth Johannes Sundwall lecture "Gods and Rulers in Mycenaean Citadels: a Very Special Relationship" by Prof. Joseph Maran (University of Heidelberg).
30.10.2013 Monumentaalirakennukset antiikissa ja keskiajalla -paneelikeskustelu Helsingissä
26.09.2013 The Pisidians and Their Neighbours in Southwest Asia Minor. A Lecture by Dr. J.J. Coulton (University of Oxford, Merton College)
23.05.2013 Annual Open Meeting. Instituutin 28. vuosijuhla.
18.04.2013 - 26.04.2013 Home Away From Home Photography Show
04.04.2013 Childhood and Youth in the Late Roman East. Individual Politics of Memory. A Lecture by Ville Vuolanto (University of Tampere).
28.02.2013 New Maritime Research at the Ancient and Medieval Harbour of Kyllene in the North-West Peloponnese. A Lecture by Jari Pakkanen (University of London, Royal Holloway College).
04.02.2013 Splinters - A Century of an Artistic Family. Lastuja - Taiteilijasuvun vuosisata. A Documentary Screening.
17.01.2013 "A Consequence of Breaking Unwritten Rules? On Moral and Social Aspects of Athenian Ostrakismos." A Lecture by Suvi Kuokkanen (University of Oulu).
09.01.2013 - 10.01.2013 Tiedeinstituuttifoorumi Tieteen päivillä
29.11.2012 "Children, Childhood and Agency in Ancient Rome. Preliminary results of the Research Project and the New Challenges." Lecture by Katariina Mustakallio (Institutum Romanum Finlandiae).
22.11.2012 Book launch of Variation and Change in Greek and Latin (ed. by Martti Leiwo, Hilla Halla-aho & Marja Vierros).
15.11.2012 "Italic-Hellenistic-Roman Villa? Exploring the Origin and Influences of the Roman Country House." Lecture by Eeva-Maria Viitanen (University of Helsinki)
11.10.2012 "Active Perception in Plato's Timaeus?" Lecture by Pauliina Remes (Uppsala University / University of Helsinki).
20.09.2012 Opening of an Art Exhibition "Senses" by Chris Stewart
01.06.2012 Short film screening (2nd Short Film Festival of Athens)
18.05.2012 Annual Open Meeting. Instituutin 27. vuosijuhla.
11.05.2012 Pekka of Finland. Opening of an illustration exhibition at 7.30 P.M.
10.05.2012 "Looking at Pompeian Mirrors". Lecture by Ria Berg. 10.5.2012 at 7pm.
19.04.2012 "North Syrian Impact on Early Greek Sculpture and Inscriptions?" Lecture by Sanna Aro-Valjus (University of Helsinki)
05.04.2012 Concert. The Suzuki Orchestra of Vantaa plays Finnish and Greek light music.
30.03.2012 "Decade of Finnish studies in the Insula of the House of Marcus Lucretius in Pompeii in 2002-12". Lecture by Antero Tammisto (Expeditio Pompeiana Universitatis Helsingiensis)
26.01.2012 “Landscape” Painting Exhibition by Rose-Mari Torpo. Exhibition opening on 26 Jan 2012 at 19.00.
08.12.2011 "Make Love, Not War?" The Premiere of Euripides' Trojan Women on Finnish Stage in 1970. Lecture by Sanna-Ilaria Kittelä (University of Helsinki)
30.11.2011 A talk (in greek) on Willhelm Lagus and Fredrika Bremer by Dr. Vasilis Letsios
15.11.2011 The fifth Johannes Sundwall lecture "The Cappadocians and their Languages, 1911 BC - AD 2011" by Prof. Mark Janse (Universiteit Gent / Ghent University).
19.5.2011 Annual Open Meeting
26η ετήσια συνάντηση
7.4.2011 Greek grammar as a stumbling stone in Hellenistic Egypt?
Lecture by Marja Vierros (University of Helsinki)
10.3.2011 Authors and scribes in private letters on papyri
Lecture by Hilla Halla-aho (University of Helsinki)
23.2.2011 Colossi of Love
A documentary screening by XYZ Productions
17.2.2011 Locating buried structures with ground penetrating radar
Lecture by Juhana Leiwo (School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University)
Presentation slides
Presentation notes
7.12.2010 Tragedy Performances Outside Athens in the Fourth Century BC
Lecture by Vesa Vahtikari (FIA)
2.12.2010 Tutto Samos ama il professore
Föredrag av Jan Henrik Swahn
22.11.2010 Η ιστορία μιας μετάφρασης του Ελύτη: Η περίπτωση της Φινλανδίας
Διάλεξη του Markku Pääskynen
18.11.2010 Johannes Sundwall lecture by Cynthia W. Shelmerdine
20.10.2010 (Inter-)Regional civil society cooperation: Challenges and future perspectives in the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea and Black Sea regions
11.10.2010 The Verbal, Visual and Aural in Picture Books
Lecture by Dr. Riitta Oittinen
30.9.-2.10.2010 Διεθνές Συνεδρίο - Το Οθωμανικό Παρελθόν στο Βαλκανικό Παρόν: Μουσική και Διαμεσολάβηση
9.6.2010 Συναυλία της Φινλανδικής Χορωδίας Kodály
20.5.2010 Annual Meeting of the Institute
15.-16.5.2010 Θέατρο - Πετρής και Κωστής
28.4.2010 Screening of documentary film "Sisters across the Gulf of Finland"
11.3.2010 Dance in the margins? Positioning dancers in antiquity
Lecture by Manna Satama (University of Helsinki)
22.2.-6.3.2010 Έκθεση ζωγραφικής - Sanna Jalomäki
18.2.2010 Why do we need other people to be happy?
Sociability and other-regard in late ancient ethics
Lecture by Miira Tuominen (University of Jyväskylä)
13.1.2010 Υπερβόρειες διαθλάσεις της Ευρωπαϊκής αρχιτεκτονικής
Pekka Helin

Χορηγός επικοινωνίας για το διαδίκτυο ελculture.gr
14.12.2009 Movie Night
8.12.2009 Winter War -seminar
The Finnish Winter War Photo Exhibition, Maps
25.11.2009 Υπερβόρειες διαθλάσεις της Ευρωπαϊκής αρχιτεκτονικής
Kimmo Kuismanen

Χορηγός επικοινωνίας για το διαδίκτυο ελculture.gr
19.11.2009 Johannes Sundwall lecture by Lorna Hardwick
Υπερβόρειες διαθλάσεις της Ευρωπαϊκής αρχιτεκτονικής
Χορηγός επικοινωνίας για το διαδίκτυο ελculture.gr
12.10.2009 New Discoveriens from Magnetic Surveys at Classical Sites in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine
Lecture by Tatiana Smekalova (Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark)
17.-20.9.2009 A Colloquium on Greek and Latin Linguistics (invited speakers):
Variation and Change in Greek and Latin. Problems and Methods
28.-31.5.2009 Διεθνής έκθεση βιβλίου Θεσσαλονίκης
14.5.2009 Annual Meeting of the Institute
8.4.2009 Herakleopolis Magna: a Graeco-Egyptian Town in Middle Egypt Lecture by Erja Salmenkivi (University of Helsinki)
17.3.2009 With Greek Eyes: Polybius of Megalopolis on Roman Politics
Lecture by Kaj Sandberg (Institutum Romanum Finlandiae)
11.3.2009 Seminar for Postgraduate Students of Classical Philology (University of Helsinki)
10.3.-31.5.2009 Έκθεση (Κέρκυρα): Αγαπητή Μισητή μου Αθήνα! Στιγμιότυπα από τη ζωή του φινλανδού ελληνιστή Βίλχελμ Λάγκους.
19.-20.2.2009 Colloquium - Styles of Political Theorizing: Exploring Concepts and Rhetorical Practices in History
9.-10.2.2009 Colloquium - Life is a (Greek) Tragedy II
27.11.2008 Mika Waltari -seminar
24.-27.10.2008 International Workshop - Defining and Interpreting Ancient Greek Cult Deposits
16.10.2008 Komisario Palmu-elokuvia instituutissa Mika Waltarin hengessä
1.-4.10.2008 Langnet Seminar
19.9.2008 37ο Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου (12.-28.9)
22.5.2008 Annual Meeting of the Institute
28.2.2008 The Substance and Procedure of Athenian Law
Seminar by Edward Harris (Durham University)
14.2.2008 India as a Mirror of the Otherness in Classical and Medieval West Lecture by Klaus Karttunen (University of Helsinki)

Ερευνητικά προγράμματα του Ινστιτούτου

Στην αρχή της λειτουργίας του Iνστιτούτου ο κάθε διευθυντής συγκρoτούσε μια ομάδα από μεταπτυχιακούς φοιτητές διαφόρων ειδικοτήτων οι οποίοι μελετούσαν διάφορες πτυχές της ελληνικής αρχαιότητας, όπως η ελληνιστική Aθήνα και η τελευταία “ειδωλολατρική αναγέννηση” της Aθήνας. Mέρος των αποτελεσμάτων έχει δημοσιευθεί στην εκδοτική σειρά του Iνστιτούτου.

The Final Pagan Renaissance of Athens, AD 267 - 529
Paavo Castrén
Risto Aikonen, Arja Karivieri, Julia Burman, Vappu Pyykkö, Gunnar af Hällström, Erkki Sironen

Hellenistic Athens, 323-30 B.C
Jaakko Frösén
Mika Hakkarainen, Kenneth Lönnqvist, Tuula Korhonen, Minna Lönnqvist, Martti Leiwo, Petra Pentikäinen, Tiina Purola, Erja Salmenkivi

Dionysius the Areopagite in History and Legend
Gunnar af Hällstr&oum
Jeanette Lindblom, Markku Nikulin, Eino Palin, Leena Mari Peltomaa, Hanna-Riitta Toivanen

Mythical Bodies: Greek Myths and European Thought
Kirsti Simonsuuri
Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, Risto Heikkinen, Kalle Kuusimäki, Martti-Tapio Kuuskoski, Mikael Olin, Anna
Pietiläinen, Anne Siikaluoma-Tervonen, Leena Viitaniemi

Late Classical and Hellenistic Heroa
Leena Pietilä-Castrén
Mari Mikkola, Mikko Suoninen, Tiina Tuukkanen, Hanne Wikström

Άλλα ερευνητικά προγράμματα

August Myhrberg and North-European Philhellenism. Building the Myth of a Hero
Petra Pakkanen

The Image of Finland in the Greek Press during the Winter War of 1939 - 1940
Kira Kaurinkoski, Maria Martzoukou, Maria Gourdouba